Subject Does object name length matter
Author ainpoissee
--- In, Marcin Bury <mbury@...> wrote:
> It won't make a difference when you have "longer" db object names - it
> makes sense when you keep them as short as possible. Two, three
> characters more in names and your "optimization" for flag fields is
> gone... ;-)

Oh, thats another thing I have been wondering... does the object name length matter (when keeping query speed in mind)?
I do have a habit to use prefixes for object names, ie table name starts with TAB_, view's with VIEW_ etc... I tougth that index compression sheme would optimize away the common prefix so it wouldn't make any noticeable difference, but is this is really the case? Or would it be better to drop the prefix (or use common suffix if I really want to have hint of the object type in it's name)?