Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: System tables affected by DML operations over regular tables
Author Milan Babuskov
sosingus wrote:
> I've tried adding triggers to system table, it is possible.

Since you use Firebird 1.5, please note that they would be gone after

Anyway, what you would have to do is create a trigger on RDB$RELATIONS
(and RDB$RELATION_FIELDS if you need detailed info). This trigger could
generate triggers for the table which is being created or modified using
EXECUTE STATEMENT. I believe full support for this is only available in
Firebird HEAD, so it will be there in Firebird 3.0 ?

Even then, it is not trivial to implement. You are better off writing a
simple application to do the job of generating triggers for you, or use
a ready-made solution like ibLogManager.

Milan Babuskov

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