Subject Re: [firebird-support] sub select befor from statment
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
I sometimes have similar requirements, and typically I then do (assuming it was second_table I wanted only the first match of):

select m.*, s.some_field as check_field, t.some_field as check_field2
from main_table m
left join second_table s
on s.field = m.field
and not exists(select * from second_table s2
where s2.field = m.field
and < //+0 to avoid use of index
left join third_table t on t.field=s.some_field

If I were on Firebird 2.1, I would also consider using CTEs, though I don't know enough about Piotrs situation to guess how the CTE would be in his case.


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Dimitry Sibiryakov wrote:

>>But isn't it rather complicated to achieve the "first 1" semantics in
>>the OP's way using joins?
> Not so complicated if you note that original subselects don't have
> ORDER BY clause.

Yes. Noted. Wonder what Piotr actually wanted to achieve...

>>How would you suggest to do that? (Not that I can't see a solution, just
>>not a very neat one...)
> Use aggregates. Because order is not set, MAX() will work not worse
> than MIN().

Right, works since there are no order by in the subselects. But what if
there were?? But let's wait with that until we know if that's what Piotr


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