Subject Re: System tables affected by DML operations over regular tables
Author sosingus
--- In, "Steffen Heil" <lists@...> wrote:
> Hi
> You might be able to write a triggers for the system tables that manage the
> data tables layout.
> Upon field creation, that trigger might execute code to add logging triggers
> to the new table or update logging triggers to existing tables..
> But that would be hard to code and I am not sure, how such triggers would
> effect efficiency and locking on the respective system tables.
> I am also unsure, if you can add triggers to system tables at all, but I
> suspect so.

I've tried adding triggers to system table, it is possible. Though, I never tried how would they work as I don't know which table to use for this.

I assumed there might be some notification broadcast to system tables as Firebird can return statistical info on rows inserted, updated and deleted from a table. But if there isn't then I'll have to find some not so elegant alternative.


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> Steffen