Subject Re: strange bug with isc_que_events
Author svanderclock
i m not an expert in call stack, but what i see (in the CPU windows) it that after the end of the function EventCallBack we go imediatly in the call to fbclient.gds__thread_exit and after we go in the Access Violation in ntdll.dll !

when it's a normal event that arrive (not because we kill fbserver.exe), we don't do in the fbclient.gds__thread_exit !

any idea ??

--- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...> wrote:
> > this why i thing their is a probleme in the way firebird
> > call the eventcallback function when it's because
> > the server was crash !
> >
> > 1/ firebird not call the eventcallback in cdecl when the fbserver crash ?
> > 2/ firebird kill the thread before the end of the eventcallback
> > function ?
> > 3/ anything else ?
> Event callback is called by client library. The code around it is
> rather simple and you can check it yourself in REMOTE module.
> Why you just don't run your application under debugger and get call
> stack at the moment of crash?..
> SY, SD.