Subject Re: strange bug with isc_que_events
Author svanderclock
the code of the waitfor is very trivial :

WaitForSingleObject(handle, Timeout)

and handle was done at the start of the programe
with handle = createEvent(...)

I don't thing the problem is on my side, because
remembered everything work perfectly EXCEPT when
we kill the fbserver.exe and at this time we receive
an error in this instruction :
WaitForSingleObject(handle, Timeout)

normally in the client software we don't need to take
care if the fbserver is down or not! but here
we reveive an eAccessViolation.

this why i thing their is a probleme in the way firebird
call the eventcallback function when it's because
the server was crash !

1/ firebird not call the eventcallback in cdecl when the fbserver crash ?
2/ firebird kill the thread before the end of the eventcallback
function ?
3/ anything else ?

thanks for all !

--- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...> wrote:
> > how after the with TMyThread(UserData) do FSignal.SetEvent;
> > the instruction FSignal.WaitFor(INFINITE);
> > can raise an Access violation ??
> Many ways. My crystal ball is unable to see sources of your
> FSignal.WaitFor.
> You must firmly understand, that events callback is executed in
> context of different thread.
> SY, SD.