Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird - no security??? Seems unbelievable....
Author Alan McDonald
> >
> > And, like Dmitry advises, take proper steps to secure the server and the
> filesystem.
> This is not possible. Our software goes into Hotels and the like. It can
> physically be accessed by anyone. Usually our main competitor also has
> access as we sell similar products to the same customer.
> So - physical security is not possible.
> I see no point at all in putting in users/passwords. All someone has to do
> is to copy one of our databases onto a flash disk, and then put it on their
> server. Full access!! We currently do that ourselves with our competitor's
> product. Not for any sinister purpose, but to support them.
> Please go here:
<>and read this paper
Alan McDonald

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