Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: new trace API question: how to get trace session ID ?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>> To control a trace session you need its numerical ID. But how do I get it? isc_action_svc_trace_start mentions nothing about a session ID. Should I parse the text stream? - it seems rather crude.
>> Did you read the release notes? ;-)
> Sure I did. What did I miss? :)

See below. ;-)

>> The application which executed the isc_action_svc_trace_start call can
>> directly query the trace data output like when you query the output of
>> e.g. a backup/restore via the Services API.
> I know, but I don't understand how that answers the question about getting the numerical session ID.

There is no way to do that without parsing the output.

To be honest, I misunderstood your question a bit. I thought you would
like to re-attach to a trace session, which isn't possible (does not
make sense) according to Vlad.

>> Btw, questions about 2.5, as long as the final release isn't available,
>> should go to firebird-devel. ;-)
> Got it.

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