Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: INET/inet_error: read errno = 9 messages + Server becomes unresponsive
Author Mark Rotteveel
Since error 9 is 'bad file descriptor' on Linux, you might want to check if your system has sufficient file descriptors available.


> As I said, this problem is very similar to the one I posted in the thread
> "Repeated database corruption". There I explain about the cases when the
> database got corrupted and I have to repair it using gfix -mend followed by a
> backup and resotre. But there are many case when stopping and restarting
> FireBird service solves the problem. In some cases this does not solve the
> problem and I have to restart the server. And in some cases I try to stop
> FireBird service and it never stops and so I have to restart the server. If
> after this, I check the database with gfix -v -full, in some cases it is
> perfect but in other cases I need to repair the database.
> In this network I used firebird 1.5 SS more than a year without any
> problem. Then I changed to SS and it worked some months without any
> problem but in 04/2009 the problems began. In 06/2009 I changed to
> SS and the problem continues. In these last days I changed to
> CS but it did not solve the problem.
> As you say, it seems to be a very 'mysterious' problem. I could not find
> any relevant change made to the hardware or software by the time the problem
> began. Perhaps is a combination of many things.

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