Subject Re: MAX(ID) Performance
Author majstor
> You need an DESCENDING index on ID.
Ok, this trick is solved my problem for now, but I have same ordering details by ID field where I musn't use DESC indexing.
> Btw, if you need that to do something like MAX(ID) + 1 for implementing
> an auto-increment thingy, then you'd better try generators in Firebird.
> Aka sequences in Oracle.
I'm using generators in firebird trigered by on insert event triger in database, but when I need to know ne ID value on client for a new 100 records and when I have about 50 clients I cant fetch new generator value because of performance, so I fetch last ID (or actual generator value) and internal generate new values and than set up new value to generator (it mean that I define new value on client)!

Thanks for help

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