Subject RES: [firebird-support] Repeated database corruption
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Sorry if you already answer this question .

Did you upgrade your intern application ?

Did you upgrade, change your Server or Client machine and or network card ?

Did check cable and plug networking ?

Did you change or upgrade your hubs our router ?

You don't have blue windows screen any machine ?

For me this is basic to check and compare environment before and after
start show error in your data base.


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Yes, I did backup and restore before begining to use CS and I did gfix -v
-full and everything was OK.

I installed the same version of CS as the version of SS that was installed
before. That is

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>> Any other idea????
> At first, I hope you did backup-restore after switch to CS, because
> if your database already was corrupted this change won't repair it by
> At second, I hope you installed CS from the the last 2.1 _*snapshot*_...
> SY, SD.
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