Subject Re: help update website content from local database
Author abel06077
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> Hi I´m a newcomer and the reason I posting here is because I need help or advise with firebird.
> Well I recently started using a soft called SGtaller POS for my business which as you guessed implements firebird database installed locally as a service in windows xp, ok so I want to display products, stock availability and prices on my online cart or website, so how can I update my website on a remote webserver if the server does not have firebird as a service.
> I was thinking of somehow scheduling a task to export the database to another format and have an ftp uploaded every so often or every hour.
> I hope someone can shine a light on my options, thank you for your time.

Let me explain again, I use a software called SGtaller instaled locally on a machine with windows xp pro... This POS uses firebird for it´s database.

What I need to do is use the data on the local firebird database to create a sort of dynamic website with my products and services,price and stock availability. The website will be stored on a paid hosting provider. with no support for firebird.

So how can I do this if :

1. My ISP implements a NAT firewall making it hard to host my own
web server.

2. All hosting provider I have access to use Mysql on there servers.