Subject Re: Error while creating Firebird Database
Author Barry
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 10:38 AM 30/01/2009, you wrote:
> >I have been using Sam Party DJ software that uses Firebird for its
> >database without problems until the other day. I got an error
> >when I try to run SPDJ. I have uninstalled both programs and when
> >reinstalling SPDJ (which installs Firebird)I get the same message
> >
> >Error> Error while creating Firebird database.
> >Error> Unaable to complete network request to host "Localhost".
> >Failed to establish a connection.
> >No connection could be made because the target machine actively
> >it.
> Usually means the server has not started...but
> >Error> Unable to create or connect to database.
> >FatalError> Unable to connect to database.
> It could also mean that the application is using the embedded
server and there is an instance of the application already connected
to the database.
> Another possibility:
> Error> Error while creating Firebird database.
> ...makes one suspect that the database your software created
previously is still there, in the place where it was when you
uninstalled the application. Uninstalls don't normally delete user
data. If the database named <whatever> already exists, it can't be
created again. As a quick test of that theory, you could rename the
existing database temporarily.
> Can anyone help me get my program up and running?
> What operating system are you on?
> ./hb
I am using Windows Vista. I have been in contact with the support
group from SpacialAudio (where I purchased SPDJ) and they suggested
uninstalling SPDJ and Firebird then search for and delete any files
associated with Sampdj, Firebird and SpacialAudio. I did this then
reinstalled SPDJ and received the same message again. After I sent
SpacialAudio the screen shot of the error message, they said it was
not their program problem and ended their support. I am good at
figuring out how to use programs but I am not good with the technical
aspects of my computer.