Subject RE: [firebird-support] Error while creating Firebird Database
Author Alan McDonald
> At 10:38 AM 30/01/2009, you wrote:
> >I have been using Sam Party DJ software that uses Firebird for its
> >database without problems until the other day. I got an error message
> >when I try to run SPDJ. I have uninstalled both programs and when
> >reinstalling SPDJ (which installs Firebird)I get the same message
> again.
> >
> >Error> Error while creating Firebird database.
> >Error> Unaable to complete network request to host "Localhost".
> >Failed to establish a connection.
> >No connection could be made because the target machine actively
> refused
> >it.
> Usually means the server has not started...but
> >Error> Unable to create or connect to database.
> >FatalError> Unable to connect to database.
> It could also mean that the application is using the embedded server
> and there is an instance of the application already connected to the
> database.
> Another possibility:
> Error> Error while creating Firebird database.
> ...makes one suspect that the database your software created previously
> is still there, in the place where it was when you uninstalled the
> application. Uninstalls don't normally delete user data. If the
> database named <whatever> already exists, it can't be created again.
> As a quick test of that theory, you could rename the existing database
> temporarily.
> Can anyone help me get my program up and running?
> What operating system are you on?
> ./hb

hmmm, more to the point, does Spatial Audio (Sam Party software supplier)
offer their own support? Do they support Firebird development?