Subject Re: firebird.msg location
Author svanderclock
> Isn't the answer obvious? MySQL is doomed software, which client
> library is full of bugs and incompatible between versions. Firebird
> very different.

or php it's a doomed software :) ... and mysql support the SMP in more
more more more better way than firebird !! when i see my processor
utilisation up of 60% everytime and all the other 7 processors at 0 %
you understand my point of view ?

5 years ago, i agree mysql was a piece of sheet compare to
firebird/interbase but now ?? myface, wikipedia, youtube, etc.. use
mysql ! now their is trigger in mysql, and also their is transaction
support ! and soo much more ! did someone already do recently a compare
of the 2 products?

The developpement of FB is unfortunatly too slow, this why mysql is at
the place where firebird must be ... but the developper of firebird,
with the mean they have, do a very great job ! i really really really
wait the next version of firebird (2.5) and the 3 !