Subject Re: [firebird-support] Crashing Firebird 1.5 Server with a query
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:00 PM 28/01/2009, you wrote:
>Hi There, I have this view that is a series of unions that is pulling
>specific data out to calculate profits.
>There is one query that is causing firebird to fall over, the reasons
>I do not know..
>Below is the view that works. Further down there is a small view that
>is the one that is causing the problem. As soon as i do a union with
>this view (or put the sql directly in this initial view) it crashes
>the firebird service.
>The view itself runs fine by itself.
>But as soon as i Do an union with it, in the first view above, it
>crashes firebird as soon as i run it.. (it does compile fine though)

My best guess is that you are tipping the limits = 64 Kb for a single statement (including one you crystallise as a view) and 48 Kb for a plan.

>Anything I could try to sort it out?

Reduction. But check the log to see if it's managed to lodge a complaint before dying. If there's an "inconsistency check" there, out-of-memory could be an issue as well; if an i/o fault, you might be short of temp space.

Another strategy, if you're using a very old release of Fb 1.5, would be to scan through the bugfixes in the Fb 1.5.5 releasenotes and see whether there are any crash situations there that have been fixed.