Subject Re: Unhandled dead client connection
Author Adam
> I'm afraid my experience is the same as Michael's. They *may*
eventually get
> cleaned up, but unfortunately they stay for long enough to sometimes
> a record lock which does not go away without intervention. That's
when my
> clients ring me. They have everyone disconnect and I can still see a
> connection/user.

Been there too.

I took a look at the monitoring tables when this was the case though
and noticed that the connection was not idle even after a day. The 2.1
optimiser chose a really stupid plan in one particular query and it
was chugging along. I don't know if that observation is significant.

> I was hoping 2.1 would give me the ability to drop this
> connection without resorting to restarting the service. Is that not the
> case?

I thought you used CS?

If so, look up mon$server_pid inside mon$attachments for the relevant
connection. You can join across from mon$transactions if you have the
mon$transaction_id. Then find it in task manager.