Subject RE: [firebird-support] Unhandled dead client connection
Author Alan McDonald
> > Hi,
> > I use FB 2.1.1 (superserver) on Windows Server 2003, XP, and Vista.
> It
> > appears that dead client connections (e.g. due to client-server
> > network failure) are not cleaned up by the FB server. Using isql
> "show
> > users" command, I can see that the dead connections never gets
> cleaned
> > up.
> they do get cleaned up, sometime , i had cases when it took more then
> 9 days (ie 2 full weekends with no one working )
> (same system setup /w2k3 server xp ans vista clients, fb2.1.1 )
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I'm afraid my experience is the same as Michael's. They *may* eventually get
cleaned up, but unfortunately they stay for long enough to sometimes create
a record lock which does not go away without intervention. That's when my
clients ring me. They have everyone disconnect and I can still see a
connection/user. I was hoping 2.1 would give me the ability to drop this
connection without resorting to restarting the service. Is that not the