Subject Re: Unhandled dead client connection
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> >I use FB 2.1.1 (superserver) on Windows Server 2003, XP, and Vista. It
> >appears that dead client connections (e.g. due to client-server
> >network failure) are not cleaned up by the FB server. Using isql "show
> >users" command, I can see that the dead connections never gets cleaned
> >up.
> Never say "never". When (eventually) the server knows that the
client has gone, the configured TCP/IP timeout will kick in. Once the
timeout has elapsed, the network will inform Firebird, and Firebird
will do the proper cleanup. Most Windows versions' timeoouts default
to 4 hours but you can configure it (and *how* depends on what version
of Windows the server runs on.)

Here in our house we have some 6 DB servers and 10 Windows Terminal
We support some 400 connections.

I would say at least once a day I have a hanging client connection.
Unless I eventualy stops and starts either FB Server or the shuts the
DB down the clients never goes away.

As a test I once had a hanging client for more than a week.

So somewhere the client connection never times out.

It would be so nice if FB supported a feature to kill a connection :)