Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: firebird Superserver 2
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:42 AM 27/01/2009, you wrote:
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><berger.nick@...> wrote:
>> What is the proper way to configure firebird superserver 2.1.1 for
>> local connections using tcp/ip? i cant seem to get it to work right.
>> Firebird 1.5 works fine it is just when i move to firebird 2 i cant
>> get a connection.
>I have a problem connecting my program to the fb server localy but i
>noticed that when i connect localy with the iboconsle it will work if
>i select remote server and put in the ip Is there something
>in the Firebird.conf tpc/ip settings that will help with making local

First point: If you are using a localhost ( connection then you are not making a local connection: you are using the TCP/IP local loopback server.

A "local connection" is available on Windows (connection across shared application space using an inter-process messaging transport called XNET) - it does not use TCP/IP, so the TCP settings are irrelevant to your problem.

The difference between v.1.5 and v.2 in this respect is that v.1.5 used a different IPC transport (also not a network transport). If you are using your old firebird.conf from v.1.5 then your problem is likely to be that you have the wrong IPCName configured.

Here's the Blah from Firebird 2's firebird.conf:

# ----------------------------
# Local Connection Settings
# The name of the shared memory area used as a transport channel in local protocol.
# Note that the local protocol in v2.0 is not compatible with any previous version
# if Firebird or InterBase.
# IMPORTANT! If your host OS is Vista or you are running Windows 2003 or
# Windows XP with terminal services enabled, and you need the local connection
# to work, you should prefix the below value with "Global\", i.e. it should
# be "Global\FIREBIRD". Please note that the prefix is case-sensitive.
# Type: string

For the IPC transport used by Firebird 1.5, it is
#IpcName = FirebirdIPI

and that won't work with Fb 2 and up.

As a note, if you're just using a copy of your old v.1.5 firebird.conf, then this isn't likely to be the only thing you've missed.