Subject Re: [firebird-support] Effect of DefaultDbCachePages?
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
>> When you connect to the database and no connection is established yet,
>> FB server will allocate cache memory. The size of cache is determined that way:
>> 1) if the database has specified cache size (e.g. using gfix), then that value is used. Period.
>> otherwise
>> 2) if you specified cache size during connection, that value is used,
>> otherwise
>> 3) DefaultDbCachePages is used.
>> When the application connects to the database using isc_attach_database() FB API call,
>> it can specify desired cache size by isc_dpb_num_buffers value. If you do not use FB API directly,
>> you have to consult documentation of your connect library or application.
>> E.g. with ISQL you can specify that value as command line parameter "-cache 12345",
> Is this a temporary setting for the connection or will this be the page
> buffers value for further connections as well, e.g. queryable via the
> header page?

Temporary for this connection only.

Alexandre Benson Smith
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