Subject Re: [firebird-support] Effect of DefaultDbCachePages?
Author Ivan Prenosil
> I am playing with the DefaultDbCachePages option in firebird.conf and
> don't understand the option's description correctly. I use 2.1 SS on
> Win32. The DefaultDbCachePages used only when a database created?
> When create a database the Page buffers set to the DefaultDbCachePages
> value. It is OK. But. DefaultDbCachePages=2048 and the database's Page
> buffers=1024 on connection 1024 buffers allocated(I think from the
> fbserver's memory usage) and when DefaultDbCachePages=2048 and the
> database's Page buffers=4096 on connection 4096 buffers allocated.
> DefaultDbCachePages have function only on database creation?

No. DefaultDbCachePages value is used only when it is not overridden
by database specific value (set e.g. usign gfix) or during connection.