Subject Re: Trouble running Firebird in Vista32, FB 2.0X.
Author Adam
--- In, Chuck Belanger
<phytotech@...> wrote:
> Hello:
> Finally am able to move my development system to Vista (32 Ultimate)
> also move Firebird, but ran into some problems:
> When setting up Firebird (2.0X) as a service, it works at least until
> the next reboot, then stops working. I then tried to install it as an
> application. It worked until I rebooted Vista. If I try to restart
it as
> a service (when it was installed as such), I got an error 193:0xc1.
> I try to restart FB as an application, either the FB Guardian or FB
> Server, as Admin, nothing happens. Vista shows Firebird in the startup
> list, but it does not show up in the Processes list (task manager).
> Clearly something is stopping it from running. Any ideas?

2.1 classic works for me. Did you select Show processes from all users?