Subject Re: GSTAT, GFIX, etc from the network
Author Adam
--- In, Dmitry Yemanov <dimitr@...>
> Adam wrote:
> >
> > Works for me (using server:alias syntax).
> It never worked, except the "localhost" special case. GSTAT requires
> local database access because it reads the header page itself, without
> the engine.

Then I must be some miracle worker ;)

Gstat ignores the hostname entirely (not just localhost special case)
and instead resolves to the local Firebird installation. Should I add
this to the tracker, or is that correct (or at least desirable) behaviour?

Sorry Stephane, my answer this morning was based on receiving an
output, but this was just coincidental in that my local installation
had the same alias I was attempting to check on the remote server. I
can confirm if I comment out my alias, the "remote" connection for
gstat fails.