Subject Kill the ? symbol
Author Luca
I use FirebirdDotNet inside Visual Studio 2008 Std.
My server version is WI-V2.0.0.12748 Firebird 2.0.
My problem is simple:
I cannot correctly read some special chars like é, ì, à from string
fields and blob fields type 0.
I receive those data like '?'.
Example: i put the word 'saladà' and read the word 'salad?'.

I also use FlameRobin which works great and does the works well.
These are the settings of FR:

ODS Version: 11
Page size: 1024
Pages: 5643
Size on disk: 5.51MB
Page buffers: 2048
Read only: false
Dialect: 3
Default character set: ASCII
Sweep interval: 20000
Forced writes: YES

This is the connection string in VS2008:
user id=USERID;password=PASSWD;initial catalog=C:\\DATABASE;data
source=MYPC;port=3050;dialect=3;character set=ASCII;Role=;Connection

Could anyone point me to the right direction?