Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windowc CE
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>>> but from an economical POV it doesn't make sense, because the obvious
>>>> choice for Windows CE is the freely available SQL Server Compact Edition.
>>> Or SQLite, which performs better than SQL Server CE
>> Btw, do you mean this WinCE port of SQlite?
>> Does SQLite support encryption of the database content?
> 1) as far as i remember :
> some ?years? ago this question was ansered that there are no plans,
> but that there is a no longer supported or updated firebird for
> windows ce version 0.9 somewhere available,
> search the archive
> 2) economical POV ? SQL Server Express Edition is free for PC's so why do
> we need firebird ?

Not that easy, IMHO. ;-)

The desktop/server market is a completely different beast compared to
the embedded market. The SQL Server Express has limitations like max.
database size which Firebird does not have, ...

I probably would always go with Firebird than with SQL Server Express
for desktop/server applications, except I need some kind of highly .NET
integrated stuff like stored procedures written in .NET ...

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