Subject Re: [firebird-support] Query timeout on the server
Author Anderson Farias

>Now the question is: Which tables are they talking about?


>which fields inside this table?

MON$STATE if it 1 (active) and MON$TIMESTAMP for stat execution time

>How to implement this in a such way that if, for example,
> the query stop after 10 seconds running.

From what I can think of, you could have a script or service that would
frequently (each time period, lets say each 5 or 10 seconds) query
MON$STATEMENTS for MON$TIMESTAMP that is more than 10 seconds from current
time, and if YES, delete the MON$STATEMENTS record.

for more information on monitoring tables, look at
'README.monitoring_tables.txt' at you DOC folder on Firebird install dir.

Anderson Farias