Subject Re: forbid file fragmentation
Author svanderclock
I thing also that this option can be usefull in the backup/restore
utility ! also it's will be very easy to add this option :)

i thing that the option can be better than the
DatabaseGrowthIncrement ...

why this option could be good (in my case) :

i have 1 database only for the session, tmp, etc..

this database grow fastly (cause it's always start from zero when we
restart the system) so from few kb at the beginning to gb at the end
before we drop the database (we don't do backup, we simply drop and
recreate the database)

this why i thing that the option can be usefull


--- In, "Vlad Khorsun" <hvlad@...>
> > Is it possible to create a database with say 10x more space than
> > must mormally use ? (now the hard drive are soo big, that it's
> > realy matter the file size)
> >
> > this to prevent file fragmentation
> >
> > i see about the option DatabaseGrowthIncrement but it's allocate
> > 1/16nth of already allocated disk space at a time ! me i want
when i=20
> > create the database (from backup/restore) to allocate it 10x more
> > space than it's must use normally.
> Why do you sure it will be better than what is already
implemented ?
> Any numbers ?
> I plan to implement something like ALTER DATABASE PREALLOCATE
> statement but it have no even medium priority...
> Regards,
> Vlad