Subject Re: [firebird-support] get_lock / release_lock
Author Kjell Rilbe
Steve Wiser wrote:
> Just add a new field to the table called LOCKED_BY_USER or something and
> when a user wants to lock a record you just update the table so it is
> filled in with their user id. Other instances of the program should
> check that field and not allow the user to touch the record if it is not
> null. Of course once the original user is done they need to update the
> table again and null out the field...

If the intention is to update that field and then commit, then the app
has to select with lock when checking the field. Otherwise you end up
with a race condition:

1. User1: select
2. User2: select
3. U1: OK, no lock!
4. U2: OK, no lock!
5. U1: Update & commit
6. U2: Update & commit, overwriting U1's lock

Now both users think they've got the lock.

With select with lock, user 2 will get an exception at step 2, which is
what we want.

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