Subject Re: [firebird-support] ISC ERROR CODE:335544344
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:50 PM 31/07/2008, you wrote:
>I tried connect to my fdb file and got the following error:
>ISC ERROR CODE:335544344
>Error while trying to read from file.

This far, it signals an i/o error.

>Reached the end of file.

Unfortunately, this means the file was found but the file itself is broken at filesystem level in such a way that blocks of disk have gone AWOL. The usual cause is damage to the hard disk.

>I tried using gfix but it showed the same error message. Even backup is
>not working. I believe this is because I cannot even connect to the

Although the engine has found the file, it cannot read it *as a database* because of the physical damage.

>Anyone has any idea?? Please help.

Try to perform gstat -h. This does not connect to the database, but opens the file and reads the database header page. Report back on what (if anything) happens from this.

Short of a sick hard disk, another possible cause is that you ran out of disk space either during a restore or during a write operation. Check the firebird.log for any clues and, of course, check the available disk space!

Another recognised cause for this problem can be where gbak -replace_database has been used to restore a database and the restore either failed or was interrupted before the operation completed. Depending on what caused the failure/interruption, you might be able to retrieve the database intact by restoring it again, using gbak -create_database and a different name for the database file.

Your message is too short on useful information so far.

If you post further messages, make sure you tell us what version and model of Firebird you are using, what the server platform is and (if known) the ODS version of the database, plus anything you can think of in the server's environment that might have interrupted database write operations. Amongst those would be anti-virus programs. file-archiving programs and more.