Subject Re: [firebird-support] Migrate from Firebird to MSSQL2005
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> Thanks for your info. I want to do two -way process consolidating data from firebird databases to one mssql2005 database and then from mssql2005 transfer back data to firebird databases. so do i need to use both kettle/talend and intergration services ?

In this case, you probably need more than an ETL tool, because two-way
usually means some kind of conflict resolution, ... You are more looking
for a cross-db replication thingy.

> inside the feature components for integration service it has mssql2000 dts designer component do i need that ?
> i already have the dts for mssql2005 but it is still not showing in the mssql2005 ?

I don't know. Sorry.

> my firebird database consist of chinese charater in unicode_fss , does mssql2005 able to display that after being transfer using kettle/talend ? and likewise does firebird able to display the chinese character from mssql2005 after the data being transfered back ? thanks

MSSQL is able to store unicode data. Check out the NCHAR, NVARCHAR data
types. For displaying unicode, this is a different story, because you
development environment / language needs to support that.

Any ETL tool should be able to transfer unicode data correctly. As
Kettle is written in Java, I'm pretty sure it does, although I haven't
tried it.

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