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martijn i really appreciate you telling me this because i myself have been experimenting with FB but i was wondering about the performance between view and SP. do you think it would be better then to rather than have a select query in the SP to make a seperate view (with proper filtration), and then call it from the SP or simply to call the view as required by an application.

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> at the database level make a view which has the clause "where active='Y'"
and choose the view. or alternatively make a stored procedure which serves
the same function, and choose from the stored procedure. otherwise.... just
be careful! :-)

Mind you, with a VIEW, if you use the view in a query that joins
with the view, for example, the query plan can be adjusted and
the view select expression will more-or-less be used "in line".

With a Stored Procedure, this will never happen! What does
this mean? Well, that a:

select * from my_selectable_procedure where id = 1

will read ALL ROWS in the table and only filters afterwards.

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