Subject Re: [firebird-support] An Error That Never Was Before...
Author Milan Babuskov
Kurt Federspiel wrote:
> Removing the #pragma pack allows the program to continue (i.e. it creates a list of row data), but the execution fails when it attempts to use that data (through an iterator) because the struct holding the DB is apparently not the same size as the list iterator.

I doubt anyone here figured out what is exactly going on, so you'll
probably need to explain how exactly you use Firebird API.

"attempts to use that data (through an iterator)" doesn't tell us much,
so an example that shows some 'iterators' using something from Firebird
API would be very helpful.

From this perspective, one can only conclude that you don't have a good
separation between your application logic and database connectivity stuff.

Do you have the source code of this 'C++ object that uses API
interface'? If it is a completely separate class that works with
Firebird API, could you just change that one not to use 'pack' when

Milan Babuskov