Subject Re: Firebird 2.1 and Easysoft ODBC driver for Interbase (Version 2.1 from Late 2004)
Author Adam
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<fabianch@...> wrote:
> > I know that recently there was a bug fixed where Forced Writes on
> > Linux was not working. You will need to search for the affected
> > versions to see if 2.0 was broken and 2.1 fixed. If so, that would
> > explain it.
> Are you saying that I had a production database administering a 12
> millon dollar business working in RAM without saving until shutdown?

No, I am saying that there was a bug of the nature that the forced
writes flag was being ignored and that I couldn't remember which
versions were affected.

Probably this:
Alex Peshkov mentions the performance hit in the comments.

In any case, one would presume that a 12 million dollar business could
afford a UPS and such a critical system for such a business would have
frequent backups ;)

It is not "working in RAM" (I think that was a bug with an old version
on Windows, not Linux). It still writes things to the disk, it is just
that forced writes forces them to be flushed (in careful write order)
when committing.