Subject Re: [firebird-support] An Error That Never Was Before...
Author Kurt Federspiel
Hi, Sean.

I'm note even sure what GPRE is. It's a C++ object that uses API Interface that is compiled using GCC on Ubuntu.

I'll dig through /usr/include & /usr/local/include to find whay I've got from a client standpoint.


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> Everything was (and is) working in FB 2.1 in other applications.
> I put the #pragma pack (1) in header files that have declared
> in order to get them to pack (mind you, this is almost EVERY .h file
> the project).

This suggests that you are using GPRE to pre-compile your SQL
statements, am I correct?

> The Client is what was installed (when I installed FB)...and should be
> 2.1. Is there an easy way to check?

Under Windows, simply look at the Version properties of the FBClient.DLL


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