Subject Re: [firebird-support] An Error That Never Was Before...
Author Kurt Federspiel
Everything was (and is) working in FB 2.1 in other applications.

I put the #pragma pack (1) in header files that have declared structures in order to get them to pack (mind you, this is almost EVERY .h file in the project).

The Client is what was installed (when I installed FB)...and should be 2.1. Is there an easy way to check?


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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] An Error That Never Was Before...

> Building Automation Control Network (BACnet) is the standard interface
> devices in the Industrial Automation Sector (i.e. REALLY big fans for
> REALLY big buildings, among other things). Our application is trying
> talk via BACnet/IP, which is why I need to pragma pack.
> I'm using FB2.1-super on Ubuntu 8.04

1 - Is this a new error as the result of upgrading to Firebird v2.1 or
did you upgrade to v2.1 some time ago and this is a new error?

2 - where are you specifying "#pragma pack (1)"? (This isn't a setting
I'm familiar with)

3 - Are you using the latest client software?


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