Subject Re: [firebird-support] An Error That Never Was Before...
Author Kurt Federspiel
Building Automation Control Network (BACnet) is the standard interface for devices in the Industrial Automation Sector (i.e. REALLY big fans for REALLY big buildings, among other things). Our application is trying to talk via BACnet/IP, which is why I need to pragma pack.

I'm using FB2.1-super on Ubuntu 8.04


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> This is a simple select of 12 fields, all varchar (typedef struct size
> 370 bytes). The only thing I know that is different between the
> and non-working objects is:
> #pragma pack (1)
> This is necessary for the communication protocol we are attempting to
> (BACnet).

1 - What is BACNet? (I don't recall hearing of this is over 20 years of
PC or 14 years of IB/FB experience)

2 - What version of Firebird are you running?


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