Subject Re: [firebird-support] unsupported on-disk structure and unavailable database (Good Info, I think)
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:41 24/07/2008, you wrote:

[ .. snip .. Lots of not unusual experiences when trying to mix InterBase servers with Firebird database and vice versa ]

>Then, I replaced boolean with integer in appserver.exe SQL query
>command routines, and now, it's working WITHOUT INTERBASE SERVER
>RUNNING on "virgin" XP machine.
>Hope this info is useful for all of us who are suffering from
>INTERBASE/Firebird mix-up nightmares.

Most people would not try. Both Firebird and InterBase servers can read very old InterBase databases (ODS 10.0 or lower). But Firebird and InterBase have been different systems since July 2000. Both Fb and IB servers "know" which on-disk structures they can read. Even within Firebird and IB, respectively, older servers can't read databases with newer ODS's.

If you're planning to install a Firebird server on the same host machine where another Fb server or an InterBase server is already running, you have to DO specific things to isolate one from the other. With Firebird on Windows, you have to understand the difference between Classic and Superserver as well. (not an issue with IB, which doesn't have Classic available). With Firebird, you can run the service and clients to use a different port from the port 3050 that is hard-wired in InterBase...etc., etc. And it *is* documented.

FYI, Firebird does not have a BOOLEAN data type at all. It seems also that you are using a third-party data access layer that implements the InterBase API. Unless the product is designed to *also* support the Firebird API, it is very likely to give you grief.