Subject Re: [firebird-support] Long running transactions
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>>> - Is there always at least one active transaction per connected user
>>>> or users can be connected without any active transactions?
>>> I will leave that to others. I think it depends a bit on the toolset you
>>> use.
>> Yes, it's dependent on the toolset, but I think the most used ones all
>> allow an active connection without an active transaction.
> Thanks, I wanted to make sure Firebird allowed this so that I can
> freely blame me and my toolset if there is any long running
> transactions. :)


A number one reason for a stuck OAT can be transaction which has been
*committed* with COMMIT RETAINING. Funny, right? Committed but still
active. ;-)

Data access components tend to use commit retaining aka soft commits,
especially when being in autocommit mode.


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