Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux Super/Classic Question (again??)
Author Milan Babuskov
Kurt Federspiel wrote:
> I know that multi-cpu Win systems need the Classic FB; does the same issue exist with Linux?

It depends on the kernel. There are reports of SuperServer running very
well on some -smp kernels, and also Classic having problems with SMP and
2.6 kernels. I'm still experimenting and trying to find combinations
that work well - will report results at the Firebird Conference in

So far, the only sure bet is 2.4.x kernel and Classic, rest depends on
your 'luck' ;)

> I don't believe I have seen a "Classic" Linux distro on any of Marius various web portals.

All Linux distros can run Classic. You just need to install xinetd or
inetd to accept incoming TCP connections.

Milan Babuskov