Subject Re: FB 2.1 64 Bits on Win 2003 64, issue with transactions
Author fabianchocron
> Use MON$xxx tables and search for attachment of tx 1507. Look at
application which
> holds it and fix it to not hold transaction too long.


> You've allocated 54200 *16 KB = 867200 KB ~ 847 MB for page cache. Are
you sure you
> need so big page cache ? How much RAM do you have ?

Actually I would like to expand the cache to 8 Giga, but Firebird 2.1
does not allow so at the moment, I think the limit is 2.5G including all
ram usage, correct?

The reason for such a big cache is because we have a 3 GB database, with
about 300 constant users, and performance is very important, we have
tried all other options (Classic, 32bits, 32 bits on 64 bits OS) with
different config files, at the end of the day, the current configuration
is much faster than any other option. We have a 16 Gig ram server, 2
quad cores Intel, and 1 firebird server installed on each different
processor (8 firebird servers on the same machine), each server takes
care of a different database.

We hope FB 2.5 will be the turning point, and FB 3.0 will solve our
performance issues.



> Why do you lower sweep interval from default 20000 ?
> Regards,
> Vlad