Subject Re: Fetch and isc_req_sync error
Author maverickthunder
--- In, "Vlad Khorsun" <hvlad@...>
> ""maverickthunder"" ...
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> > The table has 8 registers and some of them has Foto with NULL
> >
> > I build a simple query: SELECT * FROM "Data"; by using prepare,
> > describe and isc_dsql_execute.
> >
> > But when I use isc_dsql_fetch (all calls using SQL_DIALECT_V6) I
> > the 8 registers and in the ninth call instead of getting an EOF,
I got
> > a duplicate of the last register without errors
> How do you check for EOF state ?
> Regards,
> Vlad

Hi Vlad,

I test the status vector. I got aStatusVector[0]==1 and aStatusVector
[1]==0 for each row, including the supposed EOF.

But now, with your tip, I also checked the return value and got the
100 eof signal.

I trusted that always isc_ functions returned the second value of the
status vector, but apparently this is not the case.

Thanks, Mauro.