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Author Andrew Stuart
as per my other msg, accounting all other DB files on that server still is a gig short of the FBU size

we'd noticed the size increasing over time (as we backup the FBU to a secondary server)
but never noticed the FDB staying the same size

its the growth tahts got me a bit stumped
its increased over a GB in 6 months

yet the whole system has been running maybe 3 years

i cant think of anything we've done to suddenly change/increase the amount of data we store on it
normal business growth doesnt seem to match the rapid incase imo


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Subject: [***SPAM*** Score/Req: 5.4/4.0] [firebird-support] Re: GBAK Backup Size

<Andrew.Stuart@...> wrote:
> Hi
> I've noticed one has a GDB file size of 1.5gig, and GBK produced is ~
> 1.5GB
This implies no indices and 100% page fill to have same size DB and GBK.

> Another has a CABS FDB of 1.5Gig and produces a FBU of around 3.5GB
OK, now that isn't right. Only thing I can think of is that the
database actually has secondary files, does it?

As a GBK is just meta data and then the data streamed, and a FDB has
additional space requirements for indices and the fact that records
don't 100% fill the page space, DB's are bigger than backups.


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