Subject RE: [firebird-support] Odd problem - inconsistent result set
Author Leyne, Sean
> > Sorry if was not clear, (my English doesn't help!!) I meant: how
> is
> > recomended to do a *backup-restore circle* in order to purge the
> database and
> > reconstruc all its indices. I didn't know indices can broke in a
> database and
> > I'm a bit worried about that !! By the way when should I be worried
> about bad
> > indices? A PC crash can damage them? An electrical energy cut? a
> disk full?
> Any software have bugs. Firebird have bugs. Windows have bugs.
> have bugs.
> HDD driver have bugs. Etc, etc, etc... Even saint Oracle have bugs ;)

Some bugs are older than others, and then there are bugs which are older
than some users ;-)

"Developer fixes 33-year-old Unix bug"