Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: create temporary table
Author Milan Babuskov
danyschaer wrote:
> But now, I can't see clearly what means "temporary table" for Firebird.

Please read the README.global_temporary_tables file in sql.extensions
directory of your Firebird's installation doc dir.

> How do I create temporary tables only available for the session that
> created it?

Table structure is available to everyone always. That's why it's called
'global' - otherwise it would be 'local', but local TT are not yet
supported by FB AFAIK. However, table data is local to every connection.

> I don't want it available for other sessions; also other
> sessions

I'm not sure what you mean by session? Transaction or connection?

> Do I need to do an explicit drop to remove the temporary table?


Milan Babuskov