Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird to periodically execute a stored procedure
Author emel
> Part of the problem for the Firebird engine is that there is no
> specific requirement to 'register' a database to an engine instance.
> The schedule would need to be stored in a separate database (the same
> way that the security database is distinct from your data).

It's too complex... and not necessary for me.
Trigger needs only when database work because if no data change than
trigger have no task.

> You would
> need to set it up for each server anyway, and if you are going to that
> much trouble, why not just use the OS feature?

There are two person. Database admin and OS admin.
If I DBA maybe I haven't supervise right for OS.

If I use OS feature, I loose a chance.
My software execute an SQL script and it don't know whitch OS run on
server ;)


ps: sorry for my english