Subject Re: [firebird-support] Odd problem - inconsistent result set
Author Sergio H. Gonzalez
From: "Milan Babuskov"

>> 3) It is possibble for the engine to tell if there is a bad index?

> You can use gfix to find those easily. Or do you mean at run-time when
> you start the query that uses it?

Yes, I mean at run-time. Is there any way to know that my query will give an
inconsistent result because of an index corruption?

>> I do it with a .BAT file, and rename the restored database to the
>> original one. Would you be so kind to show how do you do it? And how often?

> It all depends on the amount of data you can affort to lose. For
> example, if you can afford to lose one day's worth of changes in the
> database, then do backup once per day.

Sorry if was not clear, (my English doesn't help!!) I meant: how often is
recomended to do a *backup-restore circle* in order to purge the database and
reconstruc all its indices. I didn't know indices can broke in a database and
I'm a bit worried about that !! By the way when should I be worried about bad
indices? A PC crash can damage them? An electrical energy cut? a Hard disk full?