Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB CPU Usage
Author Aage Johansen
call.assist wrote:
> Hi All
> We're currently running FB 1.5 on a Win2k3 Server
> Decent spec, twin 3ghz xeons, 3ghz memory and scsi raided hdd's
> We are experincing a fairly high cpu usage, which spikes from around 8%
> to 40% every few seconds roughly.
> We havent changed alot in terms of usage (currently around 100 users
> thru a custom piece of software )
> Is this normal on other peoples setups, or is there something-a-foot

Are you using SuperServer or Classic?
What is the page size and "number of cache pages"?
Are there (sensible) indexes available?
Plus any other info you may think valuable will make it easier for
someone to help.

Aage J.