Subject Re: f_GenerateSndxIndex fails on accented characters
Author Dan Cooperstock
I guess what I was hoping someone could answer is whether this UDF
does work with accented characters (via UTF8 or otherwise), and if
not, how I could either fix it or work around the few values in my
database that it doesn't work with.

--- In, Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
<adrianosf@...> wrote:
> Dan Cooperstock escreveu:
> > The database's default charset is also UTF8.
> >
> > I'm not sure how to determine how it is being encoded in the
> > command. I'm currently running it from PowerBuilder, which uses
> > Unicode.
> >
> This is what you should know for sure.
> You may also try to declare the UDF using explicit CSTRING(...)
> CHARACTER SET NONE for the parameter and return value. Or maybe
> OCTETS for the return depending on what this UDF returns. Anyway,
if the
> UDF is not prepared to work with UTF8 you are going to have
> with its result.
> Adriano