Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak
Author Anderson Farias

>> Can I stop/start the FB Server (or database) inside my .BAT file?
> If firebird is running as a service, you can start and stop it with
> sc start|stop service_name
> or
> net start|stop service_name
> firebird default service_name is FirebirdServerDefaultInstance

Although I'm not sure shutting down only the DB is an option, here is how
you can do it:

you can shut your database using gfix with something like:

gfix -shut -force 0 server:database -user sysdba -pass yourpass

0 is the time to wait before forcing the shutdown. If you're using any FB
until v1.5, than keep in mind SYSDBA can still connect to the database. From
version 2.0 on, I recomend you reading the Release notes for the new
database shutdown modes.

To get database back online you can use:

gfix -online server:database -user sysdba -pass yourpass

Anderson Farias